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Farrukh Amini
DSCR Fix and Flip BRRRR Investment Loans

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I'm your go-to guy for financing residential investment properties, whether 1 or 100 properties. I'll shop around to find the best rates and terms for your BRRRR, buy-and-hold, fix-and-flip, Airbnb, and portfolio deals.

New Real Estate Investor / Landlord

I can help you find funding for your first time rental purchase or refinance and get cash out of your home so you can re-invest it and grow. You don't need to show income or tax returns to qualify for a loan on your buy and hold or cash-out projects.

Seasoned Investor / Flipper / Rehabber

I can help you source financing if you are looking to purchase a property, renovate and then sell or rent the renovated property for a profit, or you are looking to buy a larger portfolio of properties to do a value-add project.


1-4 Unit
Rental Loan

DSCR loan: no paystubs, no W2s, no tax returns required
Funding up to 80% LTV for purchases and up to 75% cash-out
Property loans from $75K to $2MM
Single Family Rental (SFR), condos, townhomes, 2-4 units eligible
30-year property loan terms
Minimum 640 FICO

Rental Loan

No personal income verification - loan underwritten on property income
Refinance an existing Portfolio loan
Designed for buy-and-hold investors
5-20 Units

Fix & Flip

Financing for up 90% of purchase and 100% of renovation expenses
95% LTC max
75% ARV LTV max
Optional interest reserves
Soft Costs included in financing (contractor’s fees, contingency fees, permits, surveys, etc.)

Property Loan

As-is appraisal only, no ARV
Self-funded cosmetic rehab allowed (up to 25% of cost basis)
Up to 80% LTV for purchases
Up to 75% LTV for refis
NO prior experience required
12-18-month loan terms
Individual property loan amounts from $50K to $3MM
Minimum 620 FICO

Rental Loan

Airbnb & Vrbo Welcome
1 to 20 Units
30 Year Fixed Amortization
No personal income verification - loan underwritten on property income

You can apply as Individual or Business (LLC). Loan amounts range from $50K to $3MM.

Financing for non-owner occupied attached or detached single family residences (SFR’s), condos, mixed use, and multi-family properties (5 – 20 units)
Why Work With Me

As a real estate investor myself, I know firsthand all the challenges of getting real estate investments funded. You can be a new investor buying your first rental property, or an experienced investor scaling up your portfolio, bottom-line is that regardless of where you are in your investing journey you go through the same process of spending a lot of time and energy searching and vetting lenders to determine the best terms and rates to match your investment project and then hope for the best that the lender delivers as promised.

I was in your shoes, as an entrepreneur, spending hours filling out and submitting applications and talking and reviewing rates and terms with many mortgage lenders. That’s why I always wished for a service that would provide me with a one-stop shop experience – one that would learn my needs and then go out and do all the searching and vetting on my behalf.

I’m excited to say that over the past few years of working with many different real estate lenders as an investor, vetting the best ones through trial and error of my own projects, I was able to form partnerships with the ones that can actually deliver. Now I am able to offer a one-stop recourse solution for you – my fellow real estate investors – just like I wished for myself, so you can focus your energy and time on finding more deals.

DSCR Fix and Flip BRRRR Investment Loans
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